Jilia Pi

What is it? 

The Jilia Pi is an add-on board that adds comprehensive IoT capabilities to your Raspberry Pi. The Jilia Pi includes on-board ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth so you can connect to hundreds of existing devices.

The add-on boards allow developers to build new IoT systems utilizing the new Jilia API. Jilia is a feature-rich, easy-to-use, and scalable dream-come-true for developers who create products and services for the Internet of Things.

What's on it?

What else can it do?

Philips Hue, August Lock, and IFTTT 
Jilia makes other products easier to develop for! By integrating APIs like Philips Hue, August Lock, and IFTTT into Jilia, you can use the simplified approach that Jilia offers. 
Two-way Communications 
The Jilia Dev Kit doesn't just poll devices. Jilia can "subscribe" to a device, receiving a constant stream as they report changes, triggers, actions, and statuses.

How can it help me?

Jilia makes developers’ jobs easier and speeds up product development. With the Jilia Pi, projects require fewer developers, less experience, and less overhead. Jilia can shorten your project time by as much as 80%!  Projects that normally take 18 months to develop can utilize Jilia to finish the project in as little as 3 months. Jilia's flexibility also makes it easy to integrate into existing products and services.

Who can use it?

Jilia can be used by beginners and experts! There are only a few hundred software developers worldwide that have enough real-world experience in ZigBee, Z-Wave, or Bluetooth to get a comprehensive IoT project launched from the ground up.

For most companies (especially startups), finding and hiring these developers is not an option. Jilia will make your project so easy that nearly any developer can pull off complex projects. Jilia doesn't require developers to learn a new language!

Teams can develop complex solutions with the Jilia API with nearly any programming language available. With an estimated 20 million software, web, and app developers worldwide, Jilia expands the pool of talent from a few hundred experts to 20 million developers from a wide range of backgrounds.

Jilia Pi is perfect for: Developers without low-level code or hardware experience. Seasoned experts who just want a faster and cheaper way to develop IoT products and services. App developers wanting to control an ecosystem of devices. Web developers without hardware or embedded experience..

Developer Portal

Your Jilia Pi will come with service to the Jilia cloud. The developer portal will be your guide and resource for getting started, testing, and mastering "things". Here's a few features the dev portal will offer:

  • Code generators for the most common languages
  • Real-time Testing Console
  • Code libraries for the common programming languages (making Jilia even easier)
  • Getting Started Guides & Tutorials
  • Extensive API Documentation

Is it "too simple?"

While the dev kit is simple, it's certainly not "too simple!" The Jilia Dev Kit is perfect for experts and developers who want to work at a lower level using the extensive API developer's documentation.


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